From the Principal's Desk

Calcutta Girls’ College, with its commitment to women’s empowerment since its very inception, and its locational advantage, is an institution that is continuously evolving itself to provide a suitable platform for the academic, co-curricular and vocational need of the students. It offers B.A., B.Sc and B.Com (Honours and General) courses under the University of Calcutta and postgraduate courses under Directorate of Distance Education, Vidyasagar University. The institution takes cognizance of the separate needs of each individual student and organizes career counseling and placement opportunities.

As the Principal, I am quite sure that the students of Calcutta Girls’ College proudly cherish their association with the institution and bear the legacy of its values and principles.

A Brief History of our College

Calcutta Girls’ College is an affiliated college for young women founded on August 16th, 1963 by noted academicians and social activists of the times, like Smt. Ena Ghosh, Sri Bijoy Singh Nahar, the then Labour Minister of West Bengal and Smt. Labanya Probha Dutta (Ex-MLA), who sought to provide opportunities in higher education to working girls. The evening college was then the need of the hour. As the composition of applicants seeking admission to the college altered considerably through the decades to fresh pass-outs from high school, the class hours had to be reformulated and the college presently maintains class hours during the day. Calcutta Girls’ College, since its very inception, has been concerned with including a wider segment of young women from minority and backward community into the portal of higher education and to ensure their self-reliance and meaningful role in the society. The college has been recognized by the UGC under 2(b) and 12 (f) and presently runs Honours courses in B.A., B.Sc. and streams along with General courses. The college is committed to diversity and inclusion and has special committees to supervise the admission and other needs of students from economically weaker sections, minority community and backward communities. The deserving students are extended aids, scholarships and stipends so that they can continue their higher education.
Calcutta Girls’ College offers modernized academic environment, up to date infrastructural facilities which are continuously monitored by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell. The library functions as an effective learning resource and the Network Resource Centre offers students access to internet and technology-aided learning mechanisms. The academic environment is student-friendly, and the teaching members use computer aided technology and emphasize an interactive learning process. They offer individual attention and support to students through counseling, tutorial and remedial classes. The faculty members are engaged in meaningful research and acclaimed publications and some of them have been invited by universities outside the state and also the country. The students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extension activities that promote Institutional social responsibility, through NSS, Debating Club, Quiz Club, Creative Writing Club, Eco Club, Handicrafts Club and Drama Club. College also organizes gender-sensitization and career counseling workshops. They also have bodies like Anti-Ragging Cell, (SG) Grievance Redressal Cell, Internal Complaints Committee and students can contact the concerned Coordinator in case of any need.
Among the best practices in the college mention must be made of the Handicrafts Club, which holds an exhibition of their crafts on the day coinciding with the day of Parents’ Meet. The college has opted to welcome guests at any college programme with the handiworks prepared by the members of the club. The college also invites women celebrities at various cultural fields to encourage gender sensitization and self-reliance among students for last few years. The college has a moderate sized by well-equipped auditorium for more frequent academic seminars and workshops. It also tries to encourage girls in indoor games and activities. The students also have the facility of visiting the Students’ Health Home for regular health check-up or in case of emergency. The students are also offered courses under UGC Career Oriented Programme, Postgraduate courses under Vidyasagar University (DODL). Located in the most burgeoning hub of Kolkata, the college thrives at the spirit of the ‘city of joy’ and enjoys the cosmopolitan ambience in the texture of students, teachers and employees of various categories. The college aspires to grow larger and looks forward to expand its campus in future so that it can exert the scope and prospects of its potentials to the fullest.


In tune with the larger vision, the college envisages a few very simple and poignant missions towards the up liftment of the position of women in society.

  • To encourage women’s empowerment through a holistic vision of education.
  • To help develop an academic goal for each student according to her merit as well as the permissibility of her physical and social conditioning.
  • To help grow confidence through sincere commitment towards academic goals and inculcating career dreams for the first-generation learners.
  • To inculcate and promote scientific and rational understanding of life in a rapidly transforming economy, polity and society.
  • To develop a healthy cosmopolitan atmosphere in order to remove superstitions, prejudices and parochialism from the minds of the future generations of Indian citizens.
  • To create a larger campus with necessary space for enough class rooms, a large hall for library expansion, introduction of lab-based subjects and provision for student’s common room, playground, canteen and other basic amenities as well.


  • To outreach the experience of higher education more and more towards the first-generation learners interested in learning.
  • To provide institutional back-ups necessary for the successful development of each student enrolled in this institution.
  • To cater to serve the need-based service to the students so that they can overcome their disability and upgrade their academic standard to compete and prosper along the mainstream.
  • To develop an academic orientation among students with higher merit to continue further education and provide pragmatic inputs towards future career plans.
  • To help develop language agility, especially in English language, so that there is significant growth in their acceptance in the job-market.