The infrastructural enhancement is the pivotal issue of this College ever since the institution began to expand and enhance its goal. But the College has certain deep-set constraints regarding expansion and enhancement, especially in terms of building construction. However, even within the given limits, the college management tries to make the best of efforts to accommodate new facilities and ensure a welcome ambience for the students and teachers. The policy matters for creation and enhancement of infrastructure are ultimately decided by the Governing Body on receiving suggestions from Principal/ TIC, IQAC and/ or relevant sub-committees. The GB approves relevant proposals and then infrastructure development works are initiated and executed.
Classrooms, technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, tutorial spaces, laboratories, botanical gardens, animal house, special facilities and equipment for teaching learning and research etc.
The curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted by several departments of the College. Each of the faculties of the respective departments conducts such activities in relation to their academic needs.
But there are some obstructions. The college has only one computer Lab., that too not equally accessible for all students. Those students having IT in their syllabus receive priority of access. No more Computer Lab can be created for the lack of space.
There is only one seminar hall and one projector for all large-scale projects or PPT lecture delivery, and all such activities. The college provides sound system during the programmes, extension lectures, screening of the films as well as small cultural programmes organized within the college campus. The college provides digital camera and movie camera facilities during each of the seminars, special lectures, the special camps(NSS) and all other co-curricular and extra-curricular events.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Class Room: The College within its small perimeter has only eight (8) rooms for Honours courses and one large seminar hall, which is convertible into two large class rooms with a wooden partition, is used for general classes with larger roll strength for B.A. and B.Com. courses.
Laboratories: The College does not cater to any subject that needs practical training or experiments in a conventional laboratory. Therefore, there is no such laboratory as such other than the Computer Lab which is needed for the IT courses under B. Com Honours and Economics Honours.
Seminar Hall: The College has a moderately large seminar hall in the ground floor, strategically located close to the entrance. Recently the hall has been upgraded with air-conditioning and effective sound system. However, this room cannot be kept secluded for seminar purpose alone, as general classes are allotted in this Hall.
Computers: The College is quite well equipped in computers.
Internet Connections: The College has Internet Broadband connections from BSNL. And for further connection, the College has subscribed to a cable connection with a router for internet facilities in the library.
Photocopier: The College has three photocopiers. Teachers can make avail of this necessary service.
Projectors: There are four projectors which are of immense help in holding smart classes, showing films as well as important slides and necessary illustrations and PPT during extension or special lecture programmes.
Printer: The College has seven printers placed in strategic locations, namely, the Principal’s chamber, the teacher’s room, the library. One more printer has been allotted in the name of IQAC.
Camera: There are both a digital camera and a small movie camera (Handicam) available in the college for keeping records of memorable events. Sound System: 04 The music systems are multidimensional, CD, Radio and USB able and therefore extremely useful for the student’s cultural programmes round the year.